Ulrike ("Uli") Froebel

Born 3/28/1968 - Halle/Saale, Germany

Rodgau, Germany

M.A. of Egyptology and 
Ethnology, married, one daughter

I came across Richard Harris in 1990 when I watched the movie A MAN CALLED HORSE on German tv. Being interested in the Native Americans this movie was a must, of course. Six days later, after watching MAJOR DUNDEE I had become a fan. :o)

It was a matter of his looks and the parts he was playing then, of course. But the more I came to know about RH the more I was fascinated by the difference between the "wild man" image that he sported and the sensitive man behind the mask that reflected in his poetry, music and some of his movies ...

favourite movie:

I don't prefer one single movie. But if I had to choose I'd probably pick UNFORGIVEN. But I definitely prefer his late works like THE FIELD, WRESTLING ERNEST HEMINGWAY, TROJAN EDDIE or GLADIATOR.
favourite record: MY BOY (vocal), JONATHAN LIVINGSTON SEAGULL (spoken word)
favourite quote: It's nothing Richard said himself but a quote from journalist Lise Hand talking about him in the Eighties. "Richard Harris may no longer be a wildcat, but he is certainly not a pussycat. Perhaps the description, amiable tiger, will do."
favourite picture: Varies. ;o)