Inge Hartwig
Born 23.06.1964 (Cancer), in Freising/Bavaria 
Munich, Bavaria

Chaotic by Conviction
 PA in a Media Company
Travelling as often as possible (in Ireland, Scotland or Asia)
Otherwise attending the movies

Among all of us, I was the last to discover Richard Harris. Celtic mythology and the Artus legend have always been among my interests,  so when I first read the „Harry Potter“-Books Dumbledore turned into Merlin for me. Then, when the first Potter-film arrived in the theatres, I wanted to know who this  „Richard Harris“ was, playing „Merlin/Dumbledore“. I started my computer and browsed the web. The rest is (fan-)history ;-)…
Favourite part:

King Arthur in the musical „Camelot“, Theatrical production in 1982 (not the earlier film of the same name).

Favourite film: „This is the Sea“ and „Tarzan“, with “Gladiator” generally being my „absolutely favourite film of all time“.
Favourite album:

That’s easy: „My Boy“ is definitely his best disc.

Favourite picture:

Oh, quite a few, varying by mood and frame of mind. For instance, the wallpaper on my PC is currently: