.... and since her reply, we have become the best of friends! We stopped bidding against each other and together we realized that there were other fans out there in bidding wars with a thirst for Harris info as well as vintage posters, photos, videos, magazines, assorted this and that. Thus, the idea to start a fan site so others may share their experiences, thoughts, exchange articles of interest and just a place to chat amongst ourselves on special dates in the life of Richard Harris became our brainchild. One by one we contacted other bidders that were never ending, unrelenting, in their bidding. Within no time at all we had our base to start the Round Table chats. We started sharing our stories, our wins at auction, our disappointments when an outsider won a treasure one of us really had our hearts set on. Before you knew it we had become a group of friends that shared the same interest in keeping the Harris legend alive. This year, on Harrisís birthday October 1, 2006 three of us from across the globe descended on Ireland and shared a pint or two with Richardís three sons, Damien, Jared and Jamie at one of Richardís favourite haunts the Charlie St. Georges pub in Limerick. We were welcomed by the very talented Irish Artist Thomas Delohery who opened an exhibition of his fine artwork at the Friars Gate Theatre in Killmallock Co. Limerick Ireland depicting the life of Richard Harris. All of us at the fan site are overjoyed to welcome Thomas to the Round Table. A more dedicated fan of Harris and his work would be hard to find. Hopefully, the next time another memorial or unveiling of a statue in honour of Harris comes to our attention, all of the founders, cofounders, contributors and visitors to the site will be able to raise a pint in his honour together!

Vickie Dudas