Vickie Dudas

So much has happened in the years since I met Uli (who I was constantly trying to outbid on eBay auctions for Harris memorabilia). One day I contacted her via e-mail...



Uli Froebel
We are a group of Richard Harris fans from around the world: Vickie Dudas (United States), Annette Gerlich (Germany), Inge Hartwig (Germany as well), Linda Maxwell (Great Britain) and Uli Fröbel (Germany). In March 2003 Vickie contacted Uli via ebay. Within nine months Annette, Inge and Linda joined us and soon we had the idea of designing a fansite. In November 2004 it finally went online …
The friends of
“The Round Table“
Most of the younger folks just know Richard Harris as “Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts” from the “Harry Potter” films. Little do they know about the impressive career that preceded that part, about the man behind the make up. Our intention is to keep the memory of Richard Harris alive, to show the various elements of his career and – as far as this is possible for an outsider – the private person.

Inge Hartwig

Special Friend:
Thomas Delohery

Linda Maxwell


Further friends of
“The Round Table”
Annette Gerlich, Germany
Delenn Dumbledore, Germany
Ronan, Ireland
R.h.c.afounder1, USA
Renny Decleir, Barbados
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